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SmartMeasure™ Do-It-Yourself: Media Content & Coverage Analysis

As the name suggests, this media content analysis service enables you to analyse your news reports yourself i.e. you can do media coverage analysis on your own using our D-I-Y toolkit.

If you have the internal resources or would like to explore media measurement or media coverage analysis before jumping wholeheartedly into the process, call us and we will set up our D-I-Y toolkit for you.

It works like “tagging” and allows you to add qualitative assessment to your media coverage analysis (See Image) in addition to the already existing quantitative assessment automatically undertaken by Impact. Thus, you are able to measure your Public Relations (PR) programme against the targets set by you. Since you do all the hard work, it works as a very cost effective media measurement solution. However, you trade off the independent evaluation of your media exposure by Impact.

We will provide you access to our resources, set up your measurement brief, help you create your measurement parameters on the system, train your team to use the system (only a couple of hours are required) and set up online and on demand views that you want. This will allow you to conduct the media content analysis and measure your PR outcomes.

All this takes no more than a few hours and you are on your way on the journey of measuring your communication programme through the most effective and efficient Media Analysis.


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