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Using the insights you gave us, we created a new media evaluation methodology – ImpactIndex™. It is now the definitive standard to interpret your reputation in the media and enable you to do something about it.

How does ImpactIndex™ work for you?

ImpactIndex™ is generated by independently benchmarking all news on your company and a basket of players in your sector in a wide selection of media outlets across a range of parameters developed by our analytics experts. This benchmarking generates a number, like the SENSEX which moves dynamically up or down depending upon the quality and quantity of presence in the cross section press we track and monitor for you.

Using ImpactIndex™ you can benchmark your company’s performance against Impact’s Sector Index or that Sector’s Benchmark Company. The basket of companies in the sector is constantly evaluated by us to ensure that only the best-in-class companies in the sector remain in the basket; pretty much like the basket of companies that comprise the SENSEX.

Since this is a continuous measurement process, you can see your comparative performance Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually in the manner similar to you tracking the value of your stock price.

Five good reasons why do you need ImpactIndex™?

1. It is simple to interpret, easy to use and drills down to action areas

2. Brings accountability into your communication programme

3. Helps you benchmark your performance against those of your key competitors

4. Is real time and available on demand anytime from any place

5. Uses India’s most comprehensive database of media sources and cities

Click here to request a demonstration to see ImpactIndex™ or call Kanika or Prerna at 011-3093 3093 for a meeting to help you understand how we can help you.


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