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Our media monitoring service is much more than a regular clipping service. It provides you news you can use by monitoring media clips from a vast pool of media sources. For you, we bucket the media clips into:

•    You: Your company, products, spokespeople, brand ambassadors, etc.
•    Your Competitors: Their companies, products, spokesperson, etc.
•    Your Industry: Regulators, government ministries, your trade associations, etc.

SmartMonitor™ goes far beyond your traditional news monitoring and tracking service as we provide you with news report from across the country on the same day. We use advanced news tracking tools for both print media (newspapers, magazines etc.) as well as online sources (news sites, portals and blogs). Moreover, our news tracking tools are so good that you receive only those reports that are relevant to your business. As a value addition, our new reports have intelligence embedded in them to give you an edge. Our news monitoring services will give you 24X7 on demand access to your news reports. Customizing your news reports is what makes our news monitoring services a real SmartMonitor.

Our media tracking service, SmartMonitor™ gives you access to a range of online resources like SmartManage, SmartSearch and SmartAnalyse that help you make the most of our service.


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