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SmartMonitor™ : Features

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SmartManage: 'your online ‘news library’
With our superior news monitoring services we let you sort/group/print/share your news report with your colleagues for better efficiency. It allows you to structure information on a spreadsheet the way you desire. You may also review and amend your News monitoring briefs based on the changing business dynamics.

SmartSearch: 'your online ‘news search engine’

Our news monitoring service allows you potent search options wherein you can look for your news reports you need right through the period of your subscription just at a click of a button.

Your search takes you directly to the original new reports saving you precious time when you are searching for that important news report further enabling timely decision making based on sound news analysis.
SmartAnalyse: 'your online news analysis toolkit’

SmartAnalyse, provides you real time ready-to-use news analysis in over 20 ready-to-use charts that answer most frequently asked questions like:

1.    What was my share of news vis-à-vis my competitors?
2.    Why were we in the news? Our products, our spokespersons or our brands?
3.    Who are the key journalists who wrote about us? What did they write about?
4.    What is the advertising value equivalence of our media exposures?
5.    What was our media coverage spread across our key markets?

SmartAnalyse news analysis helps you make quick and sensible decisions that can positively influence the outcome of your communications programme.

Click on the images to see how SmartAnalyse, Impact's news analysis can help you.


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