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SmartMonitor™: Delivery Mechanisms

You receive your news reports from Impact in several easy to use formats as per your convenience and need.

i-Digest and SmartSummary, Intelligence built into your news coverage

Our news monitoring service SmartMonitor affords the subscriber with timely receipt of the news in the format of their choice. No matter which way you want to be alerted of the news, we have solutions for all the needs; be it real-time (i-alert)  or a digest of all the activities for a fixed interval (i-digest) or a crisp and compelling expert summary by our experience analysts (SmartSummary).

It is not just the type that is innovative and handy but also the form of delivery, you may have your news analysis delivered on your PC or a PDA.

Interested? Click here to request for a demonstration to see how our SmartMonitor™ solution can help you.


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